Gravity focussed Mountain Biking in the Cairns World Championship Mountain Bike Park

Are you a gravity rider? Don't like the punishing climbs?

Our World Championships Mountain Bike is gravity focussed and all the best descents in the park are only accessible by bicycle.

Take yourself to the top of the World Championship downhill track, the Enduro National Championships stages, the 2004 National Downhill Championships track, a short and steep DH track and lots of flow.

Pedal in and have fun on the climbs with an e-bike. Guaranteed to induce smiles, plowing up obstacles, and hitting the top of the trail with the energy to descend and then do it all over again!

No chairlifts, no shuttles, no worries!

Photo and words courtesy of AMB Magazine. ‘It would be tough work getting this bike to the top of a mountain without a motor and battery. But with them, it was not only easy but exceptionally fun.  Any techy uphills were still a challenge to nail, but much more enjoyable with the extra speed. It sure beats jumping in the back seat of a ute with two, three or four sweaty animals for a shuttle run’.
Explore around 1,500 metres of vertical climbing and descending. Spend less time going uphill and hit more descents. Be your own personal uplift and make those singletrack climbs FUN. With different levels of pedal assistance, the Merida eMTBs can do more of the fun stuff in less time or on repeat.

Ride directly into the Mountain Bike Park from our shop. The entrance is just a 200 metre pedal from our door.



To take you to the top of the hill multiple times without losing your legs (or your breath) and to enjoy the amazing descents in our park. Explore all of our trails with a long travel, Merida electric bike.

$110 for a half day 9:00am-12:30pm or 1:00pm-4:30pm

All dual suspension electric mountain bike hire includes bike, helmet, hydration pack, flat or SPD pedals, left or right hand rear brake setup and onsite bicycle mechanic.